Blogging from The Big Chair

We’re working with leading Scottish hypnotherapist Kate McEwen at the moment on her new hypnotherapy blog, Kate’s Big Chair. It is an interesting project as the idea is to get Kate blogging, which she is on a daily basis, and then as she explores the paradigm, to add layers of complexity to the project.

We’ve set up the site with the default theme, no SEO extras, no stats package, just a name and version 2.6.5 of WP. What the project is doing at the moment is highlighting the necessity of good quality writing which Kate really can do. There’s a great post on drinking water and habits, as well as the beauty of exercise.

The Google Discrepancy

Time for a rant. Just a short one. But the reason will become obvious. If you have followed my posts on Google Rank on Developing OTFA you’ll see a rapidly rising profile for forargyll.com. However, these rankings are on the .com model of Google. Not the domestic .co.uk. On the domestic we’re away down at 530, and we’ve been down there since time began. It ain’t the Google Dance, and it ain’t that we’re unrankable. Alexa marks us at just over 1,200,000 most visited blog, 2M further up the scale than the top of the heap, Argyllonline.co.uk. Our google pagerank is the same as Argyllonline for Ginger’s sake!

I’ve sent a couple of mails to the UK office, I have registered the site as a UK native on the webmaster tools and we are most definitely an Argyll-based operation. What gives?

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(Yep, we coined it here right now – it’s ours and we now have to justify the term with a relevant, hard-hitting blog entry about the blogging, twittering, twitching classes who aim to do business while blogging indiscretely (albeit anonymously sometimes) about their activities).


(Inspiration is sometimes a little hard to find. Of course I could choose to blog on Steve Jobs’ coming keynote, or a Guardian tweeter calling for twitter.com to be a paid for service (please, most respectfully, be quiet), or my latest greatest WP implementation and theme for a photographer.)


(Then of course there’s Ofcom, broadband and the great rural/urban divide and the ongoing disinforming stuff about how the major economic benefit is having any-slow-broadband rather than superfast-broadband – and the case for the latter is not proven. Two words: South Korea).

No, I am working all day on one project which needs finishing so I shall, just record the post title and do nothing else. Obviously all rights are reserved on ‘BigBlogBizBuzz’ and apologies rendered to Dr. Seuss and his publishers.

10 Reasons Why I Love Spam

Sorry, it should have said, “10 Reasons Why I Hate Spam”, or rather, “I Do Hate Spam (and here are ten reasons), but I can’t hate it too much because it would become an all-consuming crusade so I’ll back off and just smile indulgently every time I see the latest Cialis marketing scam, Nigerian laundering opportunity or potential Russian fiancé.”

No, on second (and third) thoughts here are 10 reasons why I love spam (loverly spam) (more…)

Creating A New Event

From Dashboard, click on the ‘Write’ tab. The page will refresh and the normal ‘Write Post’ page will appear.

Below: The normal ‘Write Post’ page

WP Events Calendar

Type in a title and in the main content area describe the event that ‘s taking place. We often find it is useful to have the time and date in the title too, as this gives a viewer a further visual.

You’ll notice in the Categories tab, that  your Events category is unselectable, andthis is correct.

Once you are happy with Title and Post, scroll down the page to the bottom, where you will find a blue tab across the screen called, ‘Events Editor’ (see below).

Wp Events Calendar - Events Editor

To add this post as an event, click on the “+” sign and fill in the date and time fields as indicated. This form recognises the details instantaneously (via javascript) and when you scroll back up to publish the post, once you have got dates and times correct, you’ll find that the WP has automatically checked the Events category.

WP Events Calendar - Events Category

Left: Events automatically checked 

Click ‘Publish’ and you are done. To view the post and check your work, click ‘View Post’.

A few other pointers:

  • To cover a week or a month simply edit the dates accordingly.
  • If an event straddles a weekend, for example runs Thurs, Fri, Mon, then simply click on the “+” button again to add a further event to the post.
  • If you tend to have events which cover month ends and wish to display more than one month at a time, you’ll need o look at your Event Calendar installation (We’ll cover this next).

The Integrated Message

We have just received finished brochures for the Glendaruel Hotel. These are a joy because they are the last element of an integrated, branded package we have been working on since January.

Glendaruel Hotel Brochure Glendaruel Hotel Brochure

Deck Building

A second book by Charles Dixon-Spain for arbu.biz via elance. This one leverages the extensive experience the author has had of deck building in the UK and abroad into a format suitable for the North American market. The joy of it was that Charles, who is used to working in metric measurements in the UK could revert to the old imperial style (which he actually thinks in). With sketches and a very straight-forward, easily legible design, this book is sure to be a bestselling ebook.

[photopress:decking_book_3.jpg,thumb,pp_empty] [photopress:decking_book_2.jpg,thumb,pp_empty] [photopress:decking_book_1.jpg,thumb,pp_empty]

The Zen Coach Launches

No, we didn’t design thezencoach.com, but we did consult, ensuring the eponymous Zen Coach created a website which does everything it should and looks pretty good too. Inspirational site Earl! In the meantime, we developed a full set of icons for Earl’s main site, lngvw.com which take in the Zen Coach, Nautical Options and Safeguard. Here they are displayed together – which was the intention:


Blogging for Beginners

We have just completed writing (with Dara Ward), editing, designing and packaging a Books About Blogging title “Blogging for Beginners: WordPress and SEO“. We’re really thrilled with it. The book retails at $29.99 and offers beginners all the tools they’ll ever need to make their blog successful. With step-by-step illustrations and a plethora of tips and tricks to make your new blog rock, this is the essential short manual to get you up and running.

Here are some screengrabs of the book to get your mouth watering!

[photopress:b4b_cover.jpg,thumb,pp_empty] [photopress:b4b_getting_started.jpg,thumb,pp_empty] [photopress:b4b_extending.jpg,thumb,pp_empty] [photopress:b4b_seo.jpg,thumb,pp_empty] [photopress:b4b_sitemap.jpg,thumb,pp_empty]
The ebook can be bought via clickbank, here