WP Manual

Creating A New Event

From Dashboard, click on the ‘Write’ tab. The page will refresh and the normal ‘Write Post’ page will appear.

Below: The normal ‘Write Post’ page

WP Events Calendar

Type in a title and in the main content area describe the event that ‘s taking place. We often find it is useful to have the time and date in the title too, as this gives a viewer a further visual.

You’ll notice in the Categories tab, thatĀ  your Events category is unselectable, andthis is correct.

Once you are happy with Title and Post, scroll down the page to the bottom, where you will find a blue tab across the screen called, ‘Events Editor’ (see below).

Wp Events Calendar - Events Editor

To add this post as an event, click on the “+” sign and fill in the date and time fields as indicated. This form recognises the details instantaneously (via javascript) and when you scroll back up to publish the post, once you have got dates and times correct, you’ll find that the WP has automatically checked the Events category.

WP Events Calendar - Events Category

Left: Events automatically checkedĀ 

Click ‘Publish’ and you are done. To view the post and check your work, click ‘View Post’.

A few other pointers:

  • To cover a week or a month simply edit the dates accordingly.
  • If an event straddles a weekend, for example runs Thurs, Fri, Mon, then simply click on the “+” button again to add a further event to the post.
  • If you tend to have events which cover month ends and wish to display more than one month at a time, you’ll need o look at your Event Calendar installation (We’ll cover this next).