A Big Signage Revision for the Dunans Charitable Trust

The Dunans Charitable Trust have commissioned ARBU to create and revise existing signage which guides walkers around the Dunans Project’s Woodland Garden in Glendaruel. We have been working on the first element of this: the revised map sign. Of course edits have to be made, but in addition the trust has extended the path network (and has plans to extend it further) and is in the process of creating a new visitor facility in the grounds. These works have been enabled both by active directors and the project which has made available several hundred man hours as well as trees for planting and material for the new path elements through the sale of laird- and ladyships. In the next week we will be producing small direction signage as well as a new panel to celebrate the tallest tree in the UK, the Stronardron Fir, of which the Dunans pathways have the best view.

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I’m given an 96dpi photo from a digital camera. The shot is too blue (I would say under-exposed but this ain’t film), composition is good but it looks like this is a 2 megapixel piece of once-was-state-of-the-art camera and asked to produce a logo. Love not money is the motivation here as we’re under the kosh for a deadline, and the project is one that involves the Walking Theatre Company. Further wrinkles are that the logo should scale infinitely and I am running Leopard and upgraded to CS before I heard that there were issues. In other words, photoshop is out. Back to illustrator 10. Sheesh.

And what happens? A pure alchemic reaction. Something you just can’t mitigate for. I turn the uncorrected image into a vector graphic, get rid of the word wood background and find myself looking at an immediate logo. Saturate the colour a little, adjust cyan and magenta, sample the colour for the text and then place the oyster over the ‘e’ and the ‘f’. Immediate “that’s it!”. No tinkering. Up on AFC2 and I’ll send off the logo for approval after the fact tomorrow. Here it is.

Pearl of a composition eh?


The second year and a significant change in the branding, but not in the philosophy of an event which had a significant social and economic impact last time around. This year the brief was to update the branding into something which would bring this premier Cowal-based event into the 21st century, using what are regarded as the local colours (blue and green) and give them a twist by retaining the idea of the red dot. The result is (we think) stunning – the website to ArtsFeastCowal is here.

The new look for a new year

Pigtown Fling

Great band, great photo, great poster!

Great band. Great photo. Great poster. Bet the gig is going to be superb!

Pizza in Tighnabruaich

The Kames Hotel will be offering pizza to takeaway from the PizzaOven. The flyer we’ve just designed says it all — and we’ll be first in the queue.

The Kames Hotel Pizza OvenPizzaOven from the Kames Hotel

We have also been changing things on the website. Not only are we taking full advantage of Philippa Elliott’s gorgeous photography, but we have written a litte app. which randomly puts one of these great images into the header. At 1000px by 350px this gives the website a much bigger impact than the old style, and ensures the Kames’s appeal is broader than accommodation and food. We particularly love the wallpaper in this grab, but go see the site yourself, there are over twenty images rotating at the moment, and we intend to add many more.

Kames Hotel Website

Route 886

Sometimes a drive in the country can give the designer a real ego-boost. This is a sign we recently put together for the Glendaruel Hotel and which has only just gone up.

Glendaruel Hotel

Bohemian Raspberry


When Bumble asked me to rebrand their business little did I realise how much fun we were going to have, not least because of the Connect Festival happening in Inveraray on the 31st August. The company has four sticky sauce products at the moment, all of which are going to be served up to the hordes of people who attend the mammoth event over the bank holiday weekend. Our aim is to make these puds as ubiquitous as the iPods that everyone will have with them. And of course when you consider Pods and Puds, the next step is simple: call them iPuds. Then of course, if the product type is an iPud, it follows that the content should mirror that on an iPod, hence ‘Sticky Toffee’, ‘Hot Chocolate’, ‘Ginger Spice’ and ‘Bohemian Raspberry’. Not only that, we decided we had to use the language of Rock and produce flyers and tee-shirts to publicise ourselves.

More details at

Hotel Signage

A brand is not only logo, business cards and brochure, its every visual representation of the product. We’ve just completed a range of signage for the Kames Hotel, developing this brand into an easily printed and reproducible style. This simplification ties in with publicity and ads as well as the newly renovated public spaces. For example the menu, which we are working on at the moment, uses a CMYK colour taken from the colour the hotel has painted the restaurant. This level of synergy brings in every element of the experience of finding, booking and staying in a room at the Kames Hotel a seamless experience.

KH Fire Routines NoticeTariffAssistance for receptionLoss of Property

Philippa Elliott Photography

As many superlatives as you can line up in a paragraph would just about describe adequately both the standard of Philippa’s photography and her presentation of the photos themselves. As part of ArtsFeastCowal, Philippa is exhibiting 14 pieces, all mounted on canvas and all looking spectacular at the Kames Hotel.

Sunrise 6am, Kames


Trade Fairest of Them All

Trade Fair displays are a tricky challenge for businesses starting out: how to keep to a budget while making a positive statement about your intention as a business. Pure Therapy get this balancing act right time after time. In our view this is because the proprietor, Kirsteen Sinclair, has a clear vision about her business and her products, and how they should look and feel to the customer.

Here we have three posters Pure Therapy will be displaying at the Trade Fair, two for the Magick Wands and one for the Bare Essentials range:

Magick Wands - General Be Natural Xmas Wands