The Sports Consultancy

The Sports Consultancy

Whether running a marathon (London, 1997) or playing shinty (ColGlen, 2006-7) I’ve always had an affinity for sport, so when The Sports Consultancy asked us to develop their website I jumped at the opportunity. With branding work already in place and looking spruce in blue, grey & orange, the task was to create a platform from which this innovative company could really launch from. The result complements a company with a range of clients from Buena Vista International to Volvo Ocean Race to AMD and ensures they have a scalable and adaptable online venue which can grow as the consultancy does and needs.


Ordinary People Become Business Entrepreneurs – that’s the message from TeamEuro.eu, a website arbu.biz has just finished redesigning. The challenge with the site was to overhaul the look and the branding without losing the functionality provided by CGI and PHP or the coherence of several product tours associated with Eniva Vibe. This implementation also had to work seamlessly with the old site so that transfer to the new design resulted in no loss of service. This we achieved along with total cross-browser compatibility within a very tight budget and to a business critical deadline. This website also uses photography from fotolia.com.


RadioFyneside is developing nicely into a complex and hugely engaging design and coding project. The latest incarnation of our WordPress installation (the beta) includes a Flash mini-menu, a revamped front page, new branding concepts and above all, a use of Events Calender which we haven’t seen before. Watch this space for a great many more features which will come on line over the next month.

Radio Fyneside Beta

The Integrated Message

We have just received finished brochures for the Glendaruel Hotel. These are a joy because they are the last element of an integrated, branded package we have been working on since January.

Glendaruel Hotel Brochure Glendaruel Hotel Brochure

Getting a Little Flash …

We’ve recently been working on the Glendaruel Hotel site, creating a little flash splash for impact on the site’s homepage and wanted to place the artwork in the home post. Rather than integrating the .swf file into the theme (like the gorgeous GeniusLociDesign) we found a flash embedder from Kimili.com and have to comment that this is one of the simplest, most joyful plugin experiences we have had. OK so we have successfully installed some really complex pieces of php coding on WordPress but this was sweet and quick. In fact we were so impressed we installed it on this blog in three seconds flat and can now present the Glendaruel’s flash splash on this page in all its fully functioning glory:

[kml_flashembed movie=”http://www.glendaruel-hotel.co.uk/glendaruel.swf” height=”170″ width=”440″ /]

And the client’s comment when he saw it? “Love it Charles!!” Now that is good feedback! (see all our testimonials here).