Branding the Hope MacDougall Collection

The work we have done for The Hidden Jewel Project has been so successful that we were asked by Dunollie to create a basic branding concept for the Hope MacDougall Collection which is about to move into a museum space in Oban. The logos were required for a multitude of applications, from creating merchandise such as t-shirts and mugs (and no doubt I’ll post the results here) to creating a sign for the museum. What was lovely was that we were given a very clear brief and were able to turn this around very very quickly.

Hope MacDougall Collection Logo Hope MacDougall Collection Museum

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A Bejewelled Debut at Spirit of the West

Finally the artwork is at the printers and the design project nearing completion (I am just sending off the poster pdf): the Hidden Jewel, as designed by us, will hit the streets on Saturday, or rather, the stands. If you attend Inveraray’s Spirit of the West family weekend, you’ll find the Dunollie House team selling tickets to July’s theatrical extravaganza.

We’re particularly pleased with the work we have done on this project, not because we have found ourselves an excellent printer in the form of CypherDigital, nor because we have been working with the delightful Catherine Gillies, but because the artwork looks really great. Often design happens in an instant, and this was the case here: the central device of the Dunollie Brooch combined with the play’s title was a gift. The rest flowed.

This is the first major treatment we have done which has been developed exclusively using illustration. No photos were used at all.  This gives the whole event a timeless quality, attempting to echo the practice of illumination rather than structuring the artwork around fashionable design trophes. And indeed this is entirely applicable, when one considers that the production covers a period before the printing press, books and modern design.

By Ardtaraig, Loch Long, Cowal, Argyll, Scotland

By Ardtaraig, Loch Long, Cowal, Argyll, Scotland

The Kames Hotel proprietor and in-house photographer Philippa Elliott has just added this photo to the header rotation of that establishment’s revamped website, and we had to share it. If there was ever a pictorial expression of the reason many choose to live in this part of the world and put up with a crumbling health service, awful connectivity and roads that are falling into the lochs, this is it.

There are over 25 other pictorial gems on the Kames Hotel’s website ….

Bohemian Raspberry


When Bumble asked me to rebrand their business little did I realise how much fun we were going to have, not least because of the Connect Festival happening in Inveraray on the 31st August. The company has four sticky sauce products at the moment, all of which are going to be served up to the hordes of people who attend the mammoth event over the bank holiday weekend. Our aim is to make these puds as ubiquitous as the iPods that everyone will have with them. And of course when you consider Pods and Puds, the next step is simple: call them iPuds. Then of course, if the product type is an iPud, it follows that the content should mirror that on an iPod, hence ‘Sticky Toffee’, ‘Hot Chocolate’, ‘Ginger Spice’ and ‘Bohemian Raspberry’. Not only that, we decided we had to use the language of Rock and produce flyers and tee-shirts to publicise ourselves.

More details at bumbleargyll.com

Philippa Elliott Photography

As many superlatives as you can line up in a paragraph would just about describe adequately both the standard of Philippa’s photography and her presentation of the photos themselves. As part of ArtsFeastCowal, Philippa is exhibiting 14 pieces, all mounted on canvas and all looking spectacular at the Kames Hotel.

Sunrise 6am, Kames



RadioFyneside is developing nicely into a complex and hugely engaging design and coding project. The latest incarnation of our WordPress installation (the beta) includes a Flash mini-menu, a revamped front page, new branding concepts and above all, a use of Events Calender which we haven’t seen before. Watch this space for a great many more features which will come on line over the next month.

Radio Fyneside Beta

Trade Fairest of Them All

Trade Fair displays are a tricky challenge for businesses starting out: how to keep to a budget while making a positive statement about your intention as a business. Pure Therapy get this balancing act right time after time. In our view this is because the proprietor, Kirsteen Sinclair, has a clear vision about her business and her products, and how they should look and feel to the customer.

Here we have three posters Pure Therapy will be displaying at the Trade Fair, two for the Magick Wands and one for the Bare Essentials range:

Magick Wands - General Be Natural Xmas Wands

Perfume with Purpose

Perfume with Purpose

On the 6th August, Pure Therapy Gift Solutions will be at a local gift fair and they commissioned arbu for a simple piece of point of sale material, including a price list: this is the result.

Kintyre Remembers Exhibition

France 1940The finalised version of the France 1940 exhibition panel for the Imperial War Museum & Argyll and Bute Library Service exhibition celebrating Campbeltown’s involvement in the Second World War. Arbu have created 8 panels, all 2 metres high and 80 cm wide, from fantastic archive material donated by the people of Campbeltown. It has been a privilege to work with the letters, photos and documents, as well as contemporary editions of the Campbeltown Courier (which can be seen in this panel in the background).

The exhibition is to last two weeks and a book is to be published before Christmas reprising these designs and reproducing many more of the Courier’s stories from the Second World War.